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Custom Production Tailored to Your Needs

Powered by 50+ years of experience, we produce screws, fasteners and special parts for the automotive, electronics and white goods industries.

50+ Years of Experience

200+ High Tech Machines

13.400 m2 Facility

​​Exporting to 30+ Countries Across 4 Continents

1+ Million Production Capacity per Hour

Fast and Innovative Solutions

for Your Demands.

Contact us Regarding R&D Supported Designs and Special Products for Your Needs.

We Provide Fast & Innovative Solutions to Your Needs .

We invest heavily in innovation in order to constantly develop the best solutions for our customers. We are working in a fast-paced manner with the latest technology equipment to produce the perfect products for your needs.

Nuri Turhan

Supplier Development Specialist

Has Vida produces high-quality products. Their work being trusted in all steps along the production process, places them among the best in this sector.

Mustafa Kara

Procurement Engineer

Has Vida is a visionary company that is constantly working to provide a better service with better products.

Alberto Zarranz

Procurement and Supplier Specialist

Has Vida is always there to help when needed. They understand your needs and develop tailor-made products in a timely manner.

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