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Custom Production Tailored to Your Needs

As Has Vida, with our 53 years of industry experience, we produce screws and fasteners with special designs for the needs of the automotive, electrical, electronics and white goods sectors.

50+ Years of Experience

200+ High Tech Machines

13.400 m2 Facility

​​Exporting to 30+ Countries
Across 4 Continents

1+ Million Production Capacity per Hour

Fast and Innovative Solutions

for Your Demands.

R&D Supported Designs and Special Products for Your Needs:

We Provide Fast & Innovative Solutions to Your Needs

We invest heavily in innovation in order to constantly develop the best solutions for our customers. We are working with the latest technology equipment to produce the perfect products for your needs in the fastest way possible.

Nuri Turhan

Supplier Development Specialist

Has Vida produces high-quality products. Their work being trusted in all steps along the production process, places them among the best in this sector.

Mustafa Kara

Procurement Engineer

Has Vida is a visionary company that is constantly working to provide a better service with better products.

Alberto Zarranz

Procurement and Supplier Specialist

Has Vida is always there to help when needed. They understand your needs and develop tailor-made products in a timely manner.

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