Special Design to Meet Your Expectations with R&D System

In our R&D center, we custom design special parts and products tailored to our partners’ needs.

We Keep Innovation at the Heart of What We Do

R&D Center

We took our adventure in fastener manufacturing, which we started in 1969, to higher levels with the approval of our R&D Center by the Ministry of Industry in May 2023.

Utilizing the latest manufacturing and laboratory technologies, along with our beneficial models in innovation processes, our patents and new products, we will continue to work at an even higher level.

Our R&D Center aims to increase our share in both localization and the global market through its work with different raw materials and product types day by day.

Trainings at
Prototype Factory

In our mini factory we built for technical training; We ensure that our employees constantly keep their knowledge up-to-date on the machines, machine parts, quality devices and molds involved in production and we regularly provide efficient training.

3D and Simulation

We improve our production processes and products by following the opportunities created by developing technology every year.

While we improve the geometric structure of the product and increase its functionality through 3D supported programs, we also improve the construction of the molds required for cold forging. We optimize the construction of molds required for cold forging. Furthermore, we continuously enhance our knowledge and experience in producing more complex and challenging products.

We Enhance our Laboratory and Technical Knowledge with Academic Partnerships

R&D Studies with Universities

Through long-term collaborations with universities and academics, we carry out one-on-one studies with academics who specialize in cold forging processes and engage in contractual collaborations with universities.

Simulation-Supported Studies

Using 3D technology and digitalization, we accurately determine the required material properties for production and hence plan the processes more accurately as well. We thoroughly analyze all production processes from material selection to packaging and we design them according to the specific needs.

Reducing PPM rate target to zero

With simulation studies, our aim is to minimize the PPM (parts per million) rates in production processes, approaching rate zero except for natural variations.


Through the theoretical and practical training provided by university professors, we equip our employees with the technical knowledge needed to design the highest quality products. The technical trainings enhance the knowledge and expertise of our R&D center, while also contributing to the awareness and development of our field personnel.

Research and Development (R&D) Activities Conducted at the R&D Center

Metallurgical Morphological Raw Material Interpretation

Based on the information we acquire, we improve the selection of raw materials used in production and create alternatives for these materials.
Both our R&D and quality teams analyze and interpret the composition of all raw materials used, especially high-alloy steels, in our laboratory. Additionally, we collaborate with institutions that have advanced laboratories.

Cold Forging Process

We are actively researching and exploring up-to-date 3D and simulation programs to enhance the essential cold forging process in all of our manufactured products.
By incorporating these innovative tools and similar applications, we aim to add value and optimize our operations. Through continuous evaluation of our processes and designs, we strive to improve our production workflows, ultimately contributing to overall efficiency and productivity gains.

Finite Element Method

We are actively engaged in ongoing efforts to ensure the uninterrupted functionality of fasteners, both during assembly and throughout their service life.
Our focus is on conducting research and implementing improvements to address factors such as vibration, corrosion and other mechanical considerations. By continuously enhancing our products, we proactively mitigate potential problems and enhance their value for our customers. Ultimately, our goal is to increase customer satisfaction by delivering reliable solutions that perform flawlessly for extended periods of time.

We Bring 50 Years of Experience
and Innovation Together.

For Products Special to Your Needs with R&D Supported Designs:

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