Has Vida Standards:Continuous Innovation, Exceptional Quality Transparent Communication

For Has Vida, our customers and their needs are the priority. For that, we constantly invest in innovation to provide a world-class service for all our partners.

50+ Years of Experience from Generation to Generation

Our story started in 1969 in a 150 m2 area with 10 machines. Today it continues with rapid globalization, in a 12.500 m2 facility area, with 200+ high-tech machines, and 1 million production capacity per hour.

We know that every invisible detail of tiny fasteners is of great importance. That’s why we produce the highest quality custom-designed fasteners using our 50+ years of industry experience. We serve the category leaders in Türkiye and across the globe, in the automotive, electronics, and white good appliances industries.

We add value to our customers by providing reliable and sustainable partnerships through our smart thinking and being proud of our work. We care for our customer relationships and pay attention to delivering on time.

Zero Defect Production, Top Quality

For us, “A successful company does not focus on producing large quantities, but rather on delivering the highest quality," and we instill this understanding at every stage of our production.

We Develop the Best with our Passion for Research and Innovation

We live in harmony with Industry 4.0, and never distance ourselves from technology. Our innovative working model allows us to grow continuously as a company.

We Embrace a Transparent Approach through Constant Communication

At Has Vida, we value open and transparent communication. We never sweep anything under the rug! Instead, we address everything that needs discussion through a constructive model. This approach enables us to build strong communication bonds with our customers and employees.

Solution-Oriented Partnership

Even in the most unexpected situations, we show the utmost agility to address our partners’ problems in the fastest way possible.

53 Years of Experience and Know-How

We firmly believe that nothing can surpass our industry knowledge and experience. We make sure that we reflect this expertise in every stage of our production.

We Build Genuine "Connections" by Valuing People

We go beyond being just a screw manufacturer by establishing strong and sincere relationships with our customers and employees. We focus on trust and loyalty by building long-term connections.

Our Mission

We are aware of the importance of small fasteners. We are here to create value-added “connections” with open-minded, dynamic, and human-centered strategies.

With our passion for generating innovative solutions, we aim to lead the industry globally by developing patented products and solutions that propel the industrial sectors forward.


Sustainability with
Efficient Production Processes

We always prioritize sustainability principles in the products we manufacture and the services we provide. We believe it is important to serve our employees, society as a whole, our environment, and ultimately our world in every step we take. We continuously improve our business model, striving to be at the forefront of change; by researching areas to enhance efficiency and searching for ways to make energy savings.

We Consume 25% Less Oil with Filtering Mechanism

We established a filtering mechanism in 2020 in order to filter the used oils in production. Through this method, we made it possible to reuse this oil in the machines. We have reduced our oil purchases by 24.6% in 18 months thanks to this systematic reduction in oil consumption.

We Reduce Scrap by 26% with the Work of Our Engineers

With the systematic arrangements developed by our engineers, we are creating less waste and scrap every single day. Our scrap reduction projects made it possible for us to reduce scrap and waste by 26% in 4 years. Today, we continue our production by using 5 tons of lesser steel on a monthly basis.

We Bring 50 Years of Experience
and Innovation Together.

For Zero Defect Products Conforming to DIN and ISO Standards: