Has Vida from past to present.


Has Vida was established in Istanbul on a 150 square meter area with four machines.


Our company, acquired by Hasan Tahsin Karaağaçlı, changed its brand name to 'Has Vida' and started producing custom-made, non-standard screw products according to the demands of factories.


Due to growing customer demands and increased production, Has Vida moved to a new area of 400 square meters.


Relocated to a new factory, covering an area of 2,100 square meters.


Investments were made for bolt and special component products alongside screws. With this strategic move, Has Vida developed production and quality strategies based on the special connection elements needed in factories.


To ensure the quality of raw materials and the manufactured products, a variety of quality devices were added to the inventory, and the first quality laboratory was established.


The first shipment was made to Germany, marking the beginning of the export journey with a country known for its industrial leadership in Europe.


Filed the first patented product application.


To keep up with technological advancements and robotized assembly lines, investments for 100% camera-based optical sorting machines were made.


The transition to an ERP-supported management model was made, which marked the first strategic step towards digitalization.


In order to meet the rising global demand, we relocated to a production facility of 5,200 square meters in Tuzla, Istanbul.


Reached 40% in exports (where 60% of the whole exports were for European Union region) thereby increasing our market share in the global market.


Initiated the first strategic collaboration with the academic world by signing a protocol with Atılım University.


Moved to a production facility of 12,500 square meters in Gebze.


As a result of a 2-year conceptual design process, the SAP program for operational lot tracking, which is integrated with barcodes and kiosks started to be used.


Transitioned from a Limited Liability Company (Ltd. Şti) to a Joint Stock Company (A.Ş). The responsibilities of the executive and management board, which have been in place since 2020, increased while also taking a significant step in corporate sustainability.


In March, R&D Center was approved by the Ministry of Industry, reaching an important level in the institutionalization process of the R&D initiatives which was launched in 2021.